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Most Cyber Attacks
Target People,
Not IT.

You wouldn’t launch a rocket without a re-entry GPS.
Why do we train people without a GPS to guide us?

CyberEQ Flattens the curve.

Did you know?

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Of ALL Training is Forgotten Within 31 Days...


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Have Proven That Cyber Training Can Increase Risk & Vulnerabilities.



Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve

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Improved Retention of Training (Memory)

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Supports Cyber Culture

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Simple Deployment Process

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Reduce Costs

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Reduce Risk

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Proven Scientific Methods & Algorithms

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Reduce Legal Risk

Workforce Track To Improve Employee
Memory & Cyber Hygiene.

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CyberEQTM links scientifically proven training methods with a Cyber Training program that maximises workforce understanding, memory, and Employee Cyber Hygiene.

By conducting employee and business Cyber assessments, and mapping results with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Falke(n) Behavioural Science, we can model training risk and identify where vulnerabilities lie within the organisation.

This information provides data on the probability of breach and monetary loss, enabling personalised simulations based on the business Cyber Posture, while also providing suggested actions that reduce Cyber Risk.

Our CyberPlus Program, along with the CyberEQ Toolbox MeetingTM and Training Materials provides all businesses, regardless of their size, the ability to deploy an effective Cyber Program. Employees becoming Cyber Aware, Cyber Fit, and Cyber Ready is a crucial path to minimise any potential human factor risk.

CyberEQ Security ABC123 Framework.

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