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Intelligent Solutions
For Your Greatest Risks.

The Game Has Changed...

Reasonable Action Must Consider Workforce Risk & Supply Chain Risk.

Integrating Business Intelligence with AI, Machine Learning & Affordable Risk Management.

Seeking out risk, where ever it hides.

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Workforce Behavioural Science AI

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Supply Chain

Counterparty Risk AI

Linking Technical & Non-Technical Risk
into a Cohesive Solution.

Technology, Process, People...

The Cyber Outlook, Cyber Commitment & Cyber Posture of a business, translates into future threat and risk likelihood. These aspects are represented by businesses activities, particularly it's workforce cyber management and supply chain cyber management, which provide a much deeper insight into the Cyber Security-conscious awareness and focus of the business.

As a business gains transparency on it's Cyber risks, it also gains Business Intelligence that provides transparency of the Financial Risks. As Working Captial, Insurance, Regulatory, and Customer Protection risks and challenges become visible, so do implementation (strategies) options that reduce or mitigate the risks.

CyberEQ   Provides Sophisticatedly Simple Organisational Risk Management Solutions.

Understanding Cyber Risks... & Rating Them.

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AI, Machine Learning & Sentiment Analysis.

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Workforce Behavioural Science AI

Falke(n) Behavioural Science AI is the heart of CyberEQTM. Our belief is that by understanding the Human Factors of Cyber Security Risk, we can move from solving symptoms, and solve the root cause of the problems that we face.

Our technology searches to understand humanistic decision making, and how this relates to workplace behaviours. With more than 144 dimensions analysed, we seek to identify predictive indicators that allow interventions to occur, prior to the risk manifesting.


Our proprietary CyberEQ Insider Threat ArchetypesTM, provides a unique perspective of workforce risk, while protecting endpoint privacy. Developing insights into Trust and Threat dimensions, we are able to correlate and contrast datasets that reveal distinctive, and to date, an unequalled approach to Cyber Security and Workforce Risk Management.

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C Rnaught Artifical Intelligences purpose is to identify Supply Chain Counterparty Risk, with a particular focus on transference, reproduction and susceptability. Although it integrates with Falke(n) AI, it's independence assures that scientific standards are adhered to, ensuring that non bias data is produced.

A key feature of C Rnaught is the sentiment analysis process adopted to validate the business Cyber Outlook, Cyber Commitment and Cyber Posture, which form prime indicators of future business risk.

By interpreting data, business decision makers can identify Supply Chain Counterparty Risks, and move towards a proactive stance in their communication, and risk mitigation strategies.

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Supply Chain

Counterparty Risk AI

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is the Affordable SME Solution Providing Cyber Security Business Intelligence.

Cyber Security is a Basic Human & Business Right.

The development of CISO SQUARED is to democratise advanced Cyber Security intelligence. We believe that an advanced understanding of Cyber Security, and how it translates into a monetary Business Risk should not be withheld from Small to Medium businesses because it's too expensive. We hope that you agree.

SME's Should Not Be Disadvantaged.